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Calculating the Value of a Mom

| May 03, 2016
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When it comes to Mother’s Day, we are supposed to ask ourselves what gift or Hallmark card will best convey appreciation for her hard work. Looking through gift guides will reveal unique and thoughtful ideas; feminine trinkets ranging from expensive soaps to shiny baubles top the lists. But we got to thinking – how do those little purchases stack up to the real value of Mom’s hard work?

Now, we aren’t suggesting that Moms are seeking reparations each time May rolls around. But, there is some serious value in putting a dollar sign on what she has done for you. Being financial professionals, we want to see the calculations…

First, it would be important to know how moms spend their time during the day. To figure out this total, surveyed 15,000 moms and incorporated salary data across industries. aligns daily tasks with relevant positions to calculate comparable salaries. It’s no surprise that the real money maker for moms happens with overtime pay!



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