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Financal Madness!

| March 09, 2017
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As March rolls around, many people are getting excited for a particular event. And no I’m not talking about the end of tax season. I’m talking about March Madness!

Every March, 68 teams are chosen to compete in the NCAA March Madness tournament. Viewers from all over fill out brackets and try to predict who they think will win the National Championship.

In honor of March Madness, The Wall Street Journal created an interactive bracket that may not look like your typical March Madness Bracket. It combines the competitiveness of filling out a tournament bracket but with a spin on it, it applies finance to your bracket. And something that’s different than what you're use to when filling out a bracket, is that with this finance bracket there are no losing outcomes, you pick who wins.

The bracket is broken down into four sections; Growing Your Money, Learning & Talking About Your Money, Protecting What You Have, and Spending Wisely. When filling out your bracket and choosing your winners, you will finish your bracket with the knowledge of what “Your #1 Financial Priority” is

Filling out this bracket is a great way for you to find out what is a priority for you. As your financial advisors at Allied we want to know what your bracket looks like and of course what you pick as “Your #1 Financial Priority”.

Here is the link for the full Wall Street Journal article:

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