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Multi-Generational Planning

You’ve spent a lifetime accumulating your wealth and are enjoying retirement. Determining what to do with your wealth for future generations can be complicated.

At Allied Financial Consultants, LLP, we work closely with clients to assess their goals for themselves and their families. Business succession plans, estate plans, and long-term goals are all part of multi-generational planning. The focus of a multigenerational planner should be to discuss the transition of money or gifts in the most tax efficient manner.  And through our strategic alliance with CPA firm Gilbert, Wilson & Hunter, we focus on building a comprehensive plan that incorporates tax efficient strategies.


Choosing recipients of your assets is important – but the process shouldn’t stop there. It takes planning and input from tax professionals to prevent the government from receiving more than their fair share of your assets.

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Bucket Planning

The foundation of our financial planning strategy focuses on Now, Soon & Later needs.

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Asset Allocation

The proper allocation method can enhance wealth across generations. We also consider room for flexibility as circumstances can, and often do, change.

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The financial advisors at Allied Financial Consultants, LLP incorporate these methods to help clients have the peace of mind that their assets are handled in accordance with personal and family goals as the priority.

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